Craft Malt Barley Tea

Craft Malt Barley Tea Has Arrived

Introducing Barley Tea, a fun and innovative brand that showcases the nuance of grain in unexpected ways. With a nod to Korean Boricha and Japanese Mugicha, our homegrown variation of roasted barley tea takes cues from tradition but borrows natural sweetness and nutty flavor from craft malted grains.

First up: four iterations of a lightroasted recipe made with organic grain & malt for an earthy energizer free of caffeine and alcohol: Try Barley Tea Original, delicately flavored with honey and lemon, or Barley Tea Herbal, infused with organic lemongrass and hemp. Meanwhile, the flavored sparkling water or kombucha lining your fridge have nothing on Barley Tea Peach and Mixed Berry. Here, bright, natural fruit flavors combine with a backbone of warm toasted malt for a well-rounded refresher.

While traditional barley tea is known for its simplicity and dry, bitter flavor profile, we have designed a more contemporary recipe featuring a unique blend of roasted grain and the additions of herbs, spices, fruit & natural sweetener. Think of your favorite tea, hot or cold, but made with grain instead of tea leaves. Our hope is this beverage will delight and play with the senses. The result? A relevant yet unexpected experience that will stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Watch out for “dark” roasted coffee-like recipes, inspired by Italian Caffé d’orzo in early 2023. A CBD-infused variation of the Herbal recipe is also in the works. Every barley tea flavor also makes for a great mixer for daily comforts and weekend mocktails, from creamy iced Matcha Latte with Herbal, to refreshing hibiscus spritz with Mixed Berry, to a zero-proof take on a whiskey highball with Original barley tea. “Loose barley tea” will also be available for the purist who wants to make their own at home.

What do all our products have in common? Barley Tea’s mission: Offer a satisfying alternative to saccharine sweet fixes, caffeine jolts & alcohol, responsibly source high quality grains from local and regional growers, and give back to the North American grainshed, rather than simply extract its precious resources to support our bottom line.

Enjoy the naturally dynamic flavor, antioxidant boost, and versatility of Barley Tea, proudly made in the USA and packaged in nitro-dosed 12oz “sleek” aluminum cans. Drink hot, cold, or dressed up as a mocktail using inspiration from our Recipe Blog.


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