About Barley Tea

Pennsylvania craft malt Mugicha USA​

Our grain journey started in 2012 with a simple question: Why was there no local source of specialty malt ingredients for craft beverages in the Mid-Atlantic? We soon began growing grain, producing malt (i.e. sprouted grain) with custom built equipment, and experimenting with function and flavor. This creative exploration became a passion for organic grain-based consumer products that weren't your ordinary "cup of tea". 

Inspired by Korean Boricha, Japanese Mugicha, Italian Cafè d’orzo, and the many varieties of grain produced locally, including organic hulless barley, we decided to put our passion to work reinventing an Eastern classic: Barley Tea. Taking cues from tradition and borrowing natural sweetness and flavor from roasted grains, a contemporary brand was born. Lightly sweetened and complemented by herbs, spices, or fruit, we quickly realized that barley tea could be so much more than ordinary.

We hope you find joy sipping and savoring Barley Tea as these recipes have grown near and dear to our hearts. Try hot or cold in place of coffee, tea, or soda for an earthy energizer free of caffeine and alcohol. Pour in a glass over ice with a wedge of lemon, decant into your favorite mug and microwave, or enjoy directly from the can on the go. Heck, craft a cocktail if the mood strikes. Make any time barley tea time!