Loose Barley Tea Instructions

How To Make Barley Tea at Home with Loose Barley Tea

You've landed here for one of a handful of reasons: you've tasted our canned drinks and want to see what else we have up our sleeve; you're looking for the best attributes of Barley Tea but without the sweetening (as low key as it may be); or you're a tea-aholic, but want a caffeine-free option that has some density and depth to it (no offense, rooibos).

However you got here, you're in the right space to enjoy the best of Barley Tea, but catered to your own wants and needs. Make it strong and dark, light and delicate, cold, hot, concentrated, you decide!

If you have ever made a cup of tea at home, you are prepared for success making barley tea at home. Follow these simple instructions to make your own Barley Tea:

  • Heat at least 12 fl. oz. of water to 180 F
  • Measure approximately one level teaspoons (~2g) of Loose Barley Tea and add to a heatproof vessel capable of holding 12 fl. oz of water. Try our insulated glass Infuser Mug with Coaster/Lid.
  • Pour 12 fl. oz. of hot water over loose barley tea, and let steep for 10 minutes, stirring halfway through. 
  • Strain tea solids
  • For a hot drink: Enjoy now (at your own pace).
  • For a cold drink: Chill, then pour over ice.
  • For a darker style: Double the amount of loose barley tea, and/or double the steep time.
  • For a concentrate: For a strong, coffee-like experience (or Caffé d'Orzo), use 6 Tbsp (36g) of Loose Barley Tea in 12 fl oz of water. The concentration can also be adjusted with hot water - like a classic Americano. Try adding a generous amount of milk to create a latté!
  • Cold Brew: Any of these brewing concentrations can be made as a cold brew by steeping the tea in cold water and storing in the refrigerator for 24 hours before filtering the tea solids from the liquid.
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