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Ingredient Spotlight: Hemp

Steve Groff at Cedar Meadow Farm

Barley Tea - Herbal wouldn't be half as refreshing without the addition of dried hemp flowers from Cedar Meadow Farm, located in Southeast Pennsylvania. What began as a kitchen experiment with sample hemp flowers crystallized into the perfect marriage between hemp's floral notes and the roasted grain flavor of barley tea.

Finding a source for the hemp was a no-brainer. Cedar Meadow Farm owner Steve Groff has for years been a go-to grower of barley and oats for Deer Creek Malthouse. Meanwhile, the local expert, advocate and leader in the hemp industry has spent the past 40 years fine-tuning practices that have led to a process of growing food as medicine. As he explains, his nutrient rich vegetables and CBD products fend off chronic diseases and enhance health and well-being.

Our task then is to translate Steve's "passion for healthy people connected to a healthy planet" in to a tasty beverage, one can at a time. Just like hops, hemp flowers vary in flavor and aroma from one variety to the next, one season to the next. We're always tweaking the intensity to find a perfect balance of delicate floral flavors with a more savory roasted grain backbone. We love how the roasty, toasty, chocolately notes from the grain and malt blend interact with the mild tangerine citrus and hint of ginger from the hemp and lemongrass.

Discover the unique and downright delightful flavors of Barley Tea- Herbal today. Meanwhile, dress it up with other ingredients for a mocktail or cocktail. Visit our blog post to find inspiration!

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