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Ingredient Spotlight: Hulless Barley

Taking cues from barley tea production overseas and through history, we use hulless barley as the anchor in our Barley Tea recipes, sourcing the grains from Small Valley Milling, an organic farm spanning 300 acres and flour mill in south-central Pennsylvania. While useful in beer brewing or distilling, the hull would impart more husky, earthy flavor than we're seeking in a non-fermented beverage. Hulls also tend to add bitterness and astringency when roasted that doesn't jive with our idea of a refreshing, go-to iced tea alternative.

Breaking from tradition, we malt and roast the hulless barley to push the boundaries of flavor locked within each kernel. Meanwhile, a dose of crystal wheat malt and rolled oats round out Barley Tea's grain blend to enhance mouthfeel and complexity in flavor. Our goal: create a satisfying drink with layers of flavor and texture, drawing out the best attributes of craft grains that can effortlessly marry with divergent flavors like honey, herbs, stone fruit, and berries.

Discover the body and nutty sweetness of hulless barley in every single drop of caffeine-free, zero-proof Barley Tea, proudly made in the USA. Or, if you want to get up close and personal with that hulless barley, try our Loose Barley Tea.

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